Technology for Instructors

KU instructors have access to numerous technologies to support teaching both in campus classrooms and online.

Solutions & Services

  • Canvas

    As KU’s learning management system, Canvas makes it easy for instructors to use online tools and resources for teaching and engaging students.

  • Lecture Capture

    Lecture Capture enables faculty to schedule automatic recordings of lectures or presentations, or to create ad hoc captures in their classroom or on their KU workstation or personal computer.

  • Web/Video Conferencing

    Instructors have three options available for web/video conferencing: Zoom, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

  • Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and communication platform for your course, research group, team or department.

  • Content Accessibility

    The Content Accessibility website provides instructors with assistance in creating or converting online instructional materials to be accessible to the widest audience possible.

  • Classroom Technologies

    The Classroom Technologies website provides a list of centrally-managed classrooms and the technology available in those classrooms.

  • Tech for Teaching & Learning

    The Technology for Teaching & Learning website provides a comprehensive inventory of the available tools to help instructors find the right tool to meet their needs.

  • Flexible Teaching

    The Flexible Teaching website helps instructors think through their courses and empowers them to teach in effective ways whether in-person or online.

Technology Consultants

The University of Kansas has staff and resources to work one-on-one with instructors to assist with teaching and classroom technologies.

Educational Technologists

KU IT Educational Technologists provide insight and expertise in helping you choose the most effective tools and resources to meet your teaching and technology needs and achieve your desired outcome.

Educational Technologist sitting next to faculty member looking at computer monitor.

Media Production Studio

The Media Production Studio helps instructors enhance the student experience through multimedia course content.

Camera filming person writing geometry formulas on transparent wipeboard.

Center for Online and Distance Learning

The Center for Online & Distance Learning (CODL) offers a wide range of pedagogy and media expertise to help instructors envision and implement online courses.

White female student looking at biology content on a laptop.