Frequently Asked Questions

Contact the IT Customer Service Center at 785-864-8080 or if you have questions or need information not addressed below or elsewhere on this website.

Technology/Equipment Needs

Your supervisor and department administrator will work with Technology Support Center (TSC) staff to provide you with the appropriate technology to meet your work needs. Standard devices include:

  • A laptop or desktop computer.
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Skype for Business headset

Talk with your supervisor about additional technology needs based on your position.

If you need a technology accommodation, please talk with your supervisor.

Yes! You can install a copy of Microsoft Office onto your computer and mobile device. You can find additional software available at no cost or at a discounted rate at

Technology Support Centers provide frontline support to faculty and staff in most campus units. You can find your TSC support staff and contact information on the TSC website. The KU IT Customer Service Center provides back up and after hours support.

There are several mobile apps for use at KU:

  • Duo multi-factor authentication is required for all faculty and staff when logging into KU systems. (iOS | Android)
  • Outlook lets you manage all your email accounts and calendars in one convenient spot. (iOS | Android)
  • Canvas Teacher gives instructors a quick and easy way to open courses, interact with students, and view content. (iOS or Android).
  • Concur for Mobile integrates with KU's Concur travel system, allowing you to manage travel expenses wherever you are. (iOS | Android)
  • Rave Guardian helps enhance personal safety through real-time interactive features that enable you to connect with friends and family, as well as public safety responders. (iOS | Android)
  • My Bus Lawrence provides real-time arrival information for the coordinated bus system operated by the City of Lawrence and The University of Kansas. (iOS | Android)

KU Accounts & Systems

Yes. You'll hear both terms used around campus. Your KU Online ID is used to log in to your KU accounts and is formatted as, for example, a123b456. This is different from your KU Employee ID and State of Kansas ID. More about KU Online ID, Employee ID and State of Kansas ID.

No. You will always use the alphanumeric ID (for example, a123b456) to log into KU systems. However, you can create an alias for your KU email address. An alias is a nickname for your permanent email address; after creating an alias, you can share that email address with others and messages sent to that account will go to your official KU email account.

Yes. You can update your personal information and your work information in HR/Pay. You cannot change your KU Online ID (your "username" e.g., a123b456).