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Enroll & Pay is KU's Student Information System. Enroll online, check your grades, pay tuition, put money on your KU card, and more.

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Enroll & Pay Tutorial

In addition to this tutorial video, Student Information Systems provides a number of how-to guides that can assist you in using Enroll & Pay. The documents provide step-by-step instructions and screenshots on a variety of information requests and transactions.

Delegate Access

Delegate access provides parents or others access to specific information in Enroll & Pay you choose to share, such as class schedule, grades and course history, student financials, student financials 1098-T and financial aid. To enable a parent or someone else to make a payment on your behalf, you will have to allow access to financial information.

When you create a delegate, the person you choose will receive an email with a link to the login page, their username (i.e., their email address) and a temporary password that is used to gain initial access. If you set up someone as a delegate both for academic and payment information, they will receive two separate emails with two separate temporary passwords. After logging in to the Delegate page, they will see options to “View My Grades” and “Pay Tuition, Housing & Other.”

Visit the Registrar's Delegate Access page for more information and instructions.

Delegate access can be granted and revoked, as needed. See additional setup below under "Setting Up Payment Delegates" if you want a parent or someone else to make payments on your account.

Setting up Delegate Access

  1. Log into Enroll & Pay
  2. Select the "Share My Information" tile on the homepage, followed by the "Create New Delegate" link in the Delegates box located under Instructions
  3. Read and accept the privacy statement and then follow the on screen instructions to add a Delegate
  4. Follow the steps provided, including ensuring you type in an accurate email address.
  5. Select the Delegate Access you wish to grant the individual listed, select "Next."
  6. On the final screen select Send Email.

Changing Access

Delegate Access can be adjusted at any time. Categories can individually be adjusted by using the checkboxes or the entire Delegate Account can be disabled by selecting the "Deactivate" button under the delegate.

Setting Up Payment Delegates

If you would like a delegate to be able to pay your charges, you will need to set them up both with Student Financials view access in Delegate Access, as well as make them a Payment Delegate through our payment vendor. Detailed information can be found on the Student Account Services website.

Enroll & Pay Support

Contact 785-864-8080 or enrollandpay@ku.edu for help with Enroll & Pay or Delegate questions or support.