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Mac OS

While on campus:


Connect to Jayhawk Wi-Fi Network:

  1. When on campus, select the wireless icon in the top right. [View screenshot]
  2. Select "Open network preferences..." ​ [View screenshot]
  3. Make sure Wi-Fi is ON next to Status.
  4. Select the Advanced… button. ​ [View screenshot]
  5. Under Preferred networks – If necessary, remove all KU Network profiles (KUGUEST, JAYHAWK, KU-Passport) by clicking on the  -  button.
  6. Click on the  +  button and enter JAYHAWK for the Network Name.  [View screenshot]
  7. Set the security to WPA2 Enterprise.
  8. Enter your KU Online ID and Password. Select OK.
  9. Select OK again to get back to Network Preference home.
  10. Move JAYHAWK to the top of the Preferred Network List by dragging it to the top of the Network box.
  11. Select OK at the bottom to be returned to the Airport window. ​ [View screenshot]


OneDrive for Business

Use for File Storage:

  1. Download Microsoft OneDrive from the App Store. ​ [View screenshot]
  2. Open the OneDrive app and enter your primary KU email address to Sign in on the Set up OneDrive screen.
  3. Ensure that primary KU email address is present in the top field, and select Sign In. You do not need to enter your KU password at this time. [View screenshot]
  4. Sign in with your KU Online ID and Password.
  5. Click Choose OneDrive Folder Location on the This Is Your OneDrive Folder screen.
  6. Choose where you would like the OneDrive folder to be located (by default it will be placed in the Home folder) and click the Choose this location button.
  7. Choose if you would like all or select folders to sync with your OneDrive and click Next on the Sync Files from Your OneDrive screen.
  8. Choose if you would like OneDrive to open at login and click Open my OneDrive - The University of Kansas folder.  You will now be presented with your OneDrive folder, and when you add files to this folder, they will be added to the OneDrive folder of any other computers where you have an account and be uploaded to your OneDrive so they can be accessed from the Web.

Tip: Check out the myCommunity Student Video Series for additional OneDrive tutorials.

Access Blackboard

  1. Go to in your web browser.
  2. Click on the KU Login button. [View screenshot]
  3. Sign in with your KU Online ID and Password.

Access Email via Outlook Web App

  1. Go to in your web browser. [View screenshot]
  2. Enter your KU Online ID and Password and click on Sign in.

Tip: Shortcuts to the myKU portal, Email, Blackboard, and Enroll & Pay can be found at the top of every KU website.

Access Email via Desktop Software

Install Microsoft Office 2016

  1. Log in to with your KU Online ID and Password.
  2. Select your name in the top right corner, then select My Account. [View screenshot]
  3. Click the App Launcher and select Office 365.
  4. Click Install Office apps and then select Office 2016.
  5. An installer package will be downloaded.  Navigate to where the file was downloaded, and double click to run the installer. [View screenshot]
  6. Click Continue[View screenshot]
  7. Click Continue[View screenshot]
  8. Click Agree[View screenshot]
  9. Click Continue[View screenshot]
  10. Click Install[View screenshot]
  11. If prompted, enter your Computer Username and Password[View screenshot]
  12. Allow the software to install, then click Close.

Note: If you are prompted to activate your product, please visit the following KB article:

See the handout for Mac

Mac handout

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